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by Mackenzie Bialzik

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With summer fastly approaching, the yearly tradition of “spring cleaning” comes with it. But tackling a closet bursting with clothes can be challenging and time consuming. Parting with pieces you spent too much money on but never had a chance to really wear leaves items lingering in the closet for weeks. Organization alone can be hard to fit into a busy schedule. 


Lizzy Kline from St. Louis Missouri noticed a need for closet cleanout after starting her own organization business. Her customers often had a difficult time parting with items they spent a lot of money on but never used. To help her customers rationalize and bring in a new market, she created a service to resell gently used or newer higher end items at a reduced price. Her clients were able to make some profit back and people all over had more access to nicer items. Lizzy shows the root of entrepreneurship by finding a problem and solving it to reach a bigger market. 


While working with clients she has learned a lot about clothing and buying patterns and the evolution of style. In an interview with her, she noticed that “people tend to shop often and buy because they feel they ‘need it.’ Which is fine but if you end up with so much you will be distracted and not even know what you have!” Online shopping through the pandemic has skyrocketed and a stacked closet can be overwhelming when searching for a daily outfit. 


Lizzy also shared with us her recommendations for your own wardrobe saying to, “buy good quality staples and mix in trendy pieces that are not expensive! I have definitely learned that shoes get beat up no matter what! Designer purses have great resale value…” The transition from microtrends to a staple wardrobe has become popular among influencers as styles tone down from the vibrant patterns and statement pieces seen last summer. 


While buying higher end clothing tends to be costly, her resale service provides a great alternative so that everyone can have the chance to look and feel their best. Reselling clothes and thrifting has become extremely popular within the last several years, so to put your best foot forward she shared with me some of her business tips. Lizzy said it is so important to “get to know your clients” and to “encourage them” rather than pushing them toward donating or keeping the item. 


She utilizes the social media app Instagram to connect with customers all over the country to sell the clothing for her customers and has amassed nearly 5,000 followers. Her sales are scheduled and she announces them in advance and posts pictures and prices of each item. After watching those sales, almost every item is sold within minutes, so if you are after an item you have to make a decision fast. She uses pictures from the website the clothing originates from for professionalism and the first person to comment has the item secured. Once transactions are handled through private direct messenger, the post is taken down, decluttering the feed. 


Organization is key within her business structure and encourages repeat business and a growing customer base. Her instagram is @lizzyk_designer_resale for a closer look at how she operates her business. Cleaning out your closet can be empowering and a way to earn a return on your money. So with that in mind, when approaching your spring cleaning this year, think about how you can maximize your potential. 

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