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As I scroll through my Tiktok For You page, I am constantly bombarded by videos on how to become a “clean girl” or be part of the “clean girl” aesthetic. For those who haven’t heard of this trend, it doesn’t really match the name. Being a “clean girl” doesn’t mean showering, it means having natural nails, fluffy brows, and dewy skin in addition to a matching athletic set for maximum comfort and ultimately just stems from the “model-off duty” vibe. But this isn’t just a makeup and clothing trend, this aesthetic is truly a specific lifestyle that consists of daily workouts, healthy eating, and an overall organized day to day schedule. The most common TikToks I’ve seen surrounding this trend consists of tips or tricks on how you can change your life to fit this trend.

Many people have become attached to the phrase “clean girl,” while in reality, the models and influencers who gave life to this trend have very different names for it. Hailey Bieber, who is arguably the most influential woman related to this trend, works to achieve a “glazed donut” look when it comes to her skincare. This year, she is also launching her own skincare line which is undoubtedly going to be the next item added to the list of needs for a “clean girl.” Maybe social media will pick up Bieber’s glazed donut phrase. Currently, Hailey hasn’t released much information on when Rhode, her skincare line, will be released or what it will consist of. 

When it comes to the fashion surrounding this trend, it stays consistent with the “model off-duty” look. Monochromatic sweat sets, workout dresses, and UGG slippers are just a few of the things that the girls leading this trend gravitate towards for their everyday look. Specifically, social media has been focusing on capsule wardrobes and dark sunglasses. Last year, when someone posted the infamous Aeria crossover leggings, Insider recorded a 200,000% increase in Google searches for this specific pair of leggings. 

The most interesting part of this trend is the accessories. While women have been gravitating towards donning more casual outfits, they are pairing it with expensive gold jewelry. This trend has ultimately allowed the jewelry market to expand, and it is expected to grow even more within the next 8-10 years. This trend isn’t the only one that is having an impact on the jewelry market, as men are also beginning to wear more and more jewelry on a daily basis. These pieces are often timeless and classy, which is why consumers are leaning towards buying these rings, gold chains, and high end watches for themselves and for others.

While we don’t know how long the “clean girl” trend will stick around, we do know that it has already allowed markets such as athleisure and gold jewelry to expand and grow in ways that they haven’t been able to in years. Athleisure is predicted to have an annual growth rate of 8.1% worldwide and gold consumption is predicted to grow 5.7% annually in the next two years.

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