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by Mackenzie Bialzik


With the surge of microtrends and increase in online shopping, many people are facing cluttered closets. Outfits for only one occasion, or that have gone out of style very quickly have become a major topic of discussion for the fashion community on social media. Ideas about trends vs. style have influenced the popularity of a capsule wardrobe. 


This term has become synonymous with the “clean girl” identity. Overall it promotes an organized and curated closet based around pieces you love that have a timeless feel. The goal is to limit your wardrobe to only your favorite items, ensuring wear and use during all times of year. This can involve layering, mixing, and finding creative ways to style outfits.


Part of the allure of the capsule wardrobe is the simplicity of the overall clothes. Jackets, pants, dresses, shoes, and all else follow a neutral tone pattern so they can be paired well together. Pops of color and pattern create this wardrobe one’s own “style” and puts originality on a basic concept. 


As a result, online shopping isn’t as popular amongst capsule wardrobe enthusiasts because the clothing values quality and comfortability over quantity. This pull away from microtrends reduces the environmental impact of overproduction of clothing and ensures longer use out of higher quality items. 


So is the capsule wardrobe here to stay? Or is it just another trend that fashion influencers are hopping on? I think the consolidation of clothes and one’s closet forces people to embrace their own style and learn to wear what they feel best in. In that regard, the idea is here to stay. However, as more people test out this concept, I think there will be a push away from the neutral tones as people embrace their natural style and wear what feels best.


The last few years have set a tone of instability and rapid change and the capsule wardrobe provides a safe and consistent source of personal expression. Our major world events over the last few years and ongoing reflect the exhaustion and want for normalcy within the consolidation of our closets. 

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