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The dress that shocked fashion gurus everywhere. Bella Hadid is one of the most prominent models and fashion icons in the world. In recent years the only dresses garnering this amount of attention were the Marilyn Monroe dress Kim Kardashian wore and the ever controversial black/blue vs. white/gold dress debacle that broke the Internet.

Hadid’s dress at the Coperni’s fashion show in Paris was revolutionary. In short, it was a white, off-shoulder dress that was sprayed onto her naked body in under 10 minutes. Form fitting and utterly stunning, the dress fits perfectly to the model’s body and is able to be taken off and washed.

The dress in photos looks silky and cotton like, but according to Bella Hadid, it felt soft and elastic. The dress was made by Fabrican, invented by Dr. Manel Torres, who worked in conjunction with designers at Coperni to create this innovative look. The dress is “a liquid fiber, bound together with polymers, bio polymers and greener solvents, that evaporates when the spray reaches a surface,” according to The Cut.

New technologies and innovators are the future of fashion. Bella Hadid was a perfect model for this project because of her massive Internet fame and her reputation in the fashion community. What’s next? Hopefully more fashion innovations to shock the world.


Photo by The New York Times

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