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Starting something new is never easy. It comes with many challenges including those that are often unforeseen, and historically I have not been one to want to take on such challenges, but there was something about MASH that stood out to me.


MASH was originally created by Willa Sobel at the University of Michigan and has since expanded to the University of Southern California and New York University. The decision to bring MASH to the University of Mississippi was not taken lightly, as the environment at Ole Miss completely contrasts those at the other universities. However, I knew MASH had the potential to thrive here.


The development of MASH at Ole Miss began over the summer of 2021. After reaching out to one of the editor’s in chief at USC, I knew that it was something I needed to pursue. What started as a glimmer of an idea has led to a team of 15 dedicated members. I want to thank each one, as I know all of you are highly involved already on campus and still somehow find time in your day to stay involved with MASH. While we are all so different, we are united by the fact that we want to see MASH grow and flourish before we have to somehow leave our beloved velvet ditch.


The first edition of MASH is a culmination of all of our hard work and dedication to the publication. Over the course of the fall semester, we were able to connect as a team and truly put our best efforts into each article. From the first meeting, we all knew it would be fitting for our writing to center around the word “homegrown”, as we wanted to share what is important to us at The University of Mississippi.


I hope you’re able to not only learn from but also relate to each article, as our team strived to pick topics that we believed our community would be interested in. We feel that this collection of articles is the perfect way to introduce MASH to our Ole Miss community. Happy reading!

Taya Breda

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