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by Macie Rogers

house of gucci.png

House of Gucci, released late in November of 2020, portrays the drama and deception behind the name Gucci yet still embodies the brand through the clothing.

The fashion in the movie was desirable and timeless, just like Gucci is today. The characters were dressed head to toe in every scene in a way that is to be expected from the Gucci family. The movie highlighted the family brand that Gucci used to be, and what ultimately became the downfall of the company. The greed and selfish ambition that drove both Patrizia and Maurizio fueled the flame the entire movie. After watching the movie, I found that the Gucci brand seemed more desirable after finding out the story and truth behind the brand. There is something about Gucci’s timeless, yet creative designs that set them apart from other brands. This is evident throughout the film because of the creativeness and wild imagination of Paolo Gucci. His wild imagination is seen through his vibrant color suits and his imaginative designs. The brand was kept more traditional because of Maurizio Gucci. This film encapsulates everything one could imagine of the Gucci family, and reveals a side of the brand that many people, like myself, were unaware of.


Despite the Gucci family not being fond of how the movie portrays their family, the story has gained traction on the internet. An article released at the end of November 2021 indicates that Gucci internet searches were up 73% on a weekly basis. In addition to the increase in searches, Gucci also experienced a 257% increase in demand for their bags. But bags aren’t the only item that is in higher demand as Gucci is seeing an increase in demand for many of their garments including ski suits, lace dresses, and faux fur coats.

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